Mark T. Whary, DVM, PhD

Associate Director
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mark T. Whary, DVM, PhD, DACLAM, is the Associate Director and is responsible for management of the MIT animal resource program. Dr. Whary is the principal veterinary reviewer of animal care and use protocols, is a primary contact for regulatory issues and oversees training of new investigators. Dr. Whary also serves on the Radiation Protection Committee, the Division's environmental health and safety committee, manages the occupational health program, contributes to the postdoctoral program in comparative medicine for veterinarians and provides web page management and technical writing for the Division. Dr. Whary’s research in mucosal immunology has focused on the pathogenesis of helicobacter infections in humans and in genetically engineered mice as models of human infectious gastritis, hepatitis and inflammatory bowel disease. Capabilities for germfree and gnotobiotic mouse studies focuses on gut flora ecology and the onset of gastrointestinal and hepatic diseases in animal models.