Ron Donovan

Simple Lean

Ron Donovan has been President of his own firm since 1991, specializes in helping companies accomplish change and improvement by increasing involvement, engagement and cooperation inside organizations. His focus on leadership, at all levels, has led him to develop tools and techniques that are simple to remember and use and that don’t require outside help to implement.

He worked for several years with CSC Index at the height of reengineering, paying special attention to how groups become committed to change and how they sustain that change once senior management’s interest moves on.

Much of the last 12 years Ron has spent working in the UK with hospitals and regulatory agencies in the National Health Service. Over the last year he worked with a large acute hospital introducing Simple Lean techniques at both the executive and ward levels.

Ron has worked with organizations in China, Europe and the US.

He has taught at the University of New Hampshire Continuing Education division and is an Executive Lecturer at University of Massachusetts. He has also been a guest lecturer at the Sloan School. He was a technology feature writer and contributing editor for Writer’s Digest magazine for over 10 years.

Ron lives on Whidbey Island north of Seattle.