Sean M. Austin, MS, CHP

Senior Health Physicist
Plexus Scientific Corporation

Mr. Austin is a senior health physicist with Plexus Scientific Corporation providing radiation safety consulting support to clients throughout the United States.  He is involved in developing and delivering training courses to clients through live and online courses.  He specializes in DOT, NRC and IATA requirements for shipping and receiving radioactive material. Mr. Austin’s consulting services include performing radiation safety program audits, serving as Radiation Safety Officer, providing licensing assistance, managing safety programs, conducting surveys, leak tests, and evaluations, and project management.

Mr. Austin attended the Georgia Institute of Technology from 1982-1986 where he graduated with a bachelor of science degree in Health Physics. He soon began working at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a staff Health Physicist in the Radiation Safety Branch. As a Health Physicist, Mr. Austin managed NIH radioactive and mixed waste management operations for the Radiation Safety Branch (1989 to 1994). He provided health physics consultation and oversight for radioactive materials use in approximately 350 research laboratories. While at NIH he attended Georgetown University where he obtained a Master of Science degree in Radiation Science in 1993. Mr. Austin served as the Chief of the Radioactive Materials Control Section in the NIH Radiation Safety Branch. He was responsible for oversight of the program to manage the acquisition, inventory, and disposal of radioactive materials for approximately 3,000 research laboratories. He supervised 5 government and 20 to 22 contract employees in these activities. In 1997 Mr. Austin successfully completed the requirements for Certification in Health Physics by the American Board of Health Physics.

In 2001 Mr. Austin joined the Radiation Safety Academy, Inc. as a senior healthphysics consultant and training instructor. He developed new training courses in health physics and operational radiation safety. Mr. Austin’s consulting projects included sealed-source device registrations, license applications and amendments, safety plan development and revisions, radiation safety program audits, and training at client facilities in radiation fundamentals, regulations, transportation of hazardous materials, low-level and mixed waste management, safety program inspections and audits, and other radiation safety-related topics.  In 2007 the Radiation Safety Academy, Inc. was acquired by Dade Moeller & Associates. Mr. Austin continued to serve as a consultant and training instructor in courses offered by Dade Moeller’s Training Academy.