Simon Kennedy, BA, MBA

Healthcare Operations Partner
Symphony Technology Group

Simon Kennedy is the health care operations partner at Symphony Technology Group. During Simon’s over 25 years of consulting, his clients have covered a wide spectrum including healthcare: innovative suppliers (biopharma, medtech), providers (domestic and foreign), payers, support (STM publishing, DMO, med systems), government/regulatory (state, federal, and foreign), and global health/NGOs. He has led the IT component of sixteen different mergers in pharma, biotech, devices, API/generics, manufacturing, and financial services.

Before joining STG in 2014, Simon was a senior partner and managing director at the Boston Consulting Group where he was the founder and global leader of the firm’s health care information technology practice, a member of the committee responsible for BCG’s Value Based Healthcare investments and research and responsible for leading projects across the entire healthcare value chain. Prior to joining BCG in 1998 he was a principal in the IT practice of Booz Allen Hamilton, an IS lecturer at the University of Cape Town, South Africa, and a senior consultant in the Software Engineering Support Group at Price Waterhouse. He has an MBA and a BA in Psychology, both degrees granted simultaneously as part of the Integrated Professional Studies Honors Program at Case Western University. Simon currently serves on the board of directors of Evidera.