Leading in Health Systems: Navigating Crisis and Change

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I would highly recommend this course to healthcare leaders looking for tools to help them with collaborative leadership – including responding to the challenges and crises and managing change.
  • —Nina Vincoff, MD
  • Chief, Department of Radiology, Northwell Health

Program Overview

A High-Impact Health Care Leadership Development Program—Online

Leading in Health Systems: Activating Transformational Change provides health care leaders the tools and training to lead their organization through the next phases of system adaptation. When the pandemic first hit, there was little choice: change happened instantaneously. Going forward, the choices, decisions, and changes require intentional leadership and step-by-step resilience. Now is the time to refresh your leadership and prepare for what lies ahead.

The pandemic has stressed health care systems already taxed by evolving expectations of patients and staff, new models of care, and increasing business pressure. Leading now demands the skills to adapt health systems and foster resilience for all that lies ahead. Achieving sustainable high performance comes through forging robust relationships, linking stakeholders, seizing opportunities, and overcoming system-wide challenges.

The faculty of this dynamic course will equip you with the pragmatic thinking and tools to navigate through disruption. You will learn to engage partners enterprise-wide, leverage cross-functional capabilities, stimulate innovative thinking, and improve organizational performance.

Drive Change through Meta-Leadership

Meta-leadership is a field-tested strategy for launching change, activating momentum, and addressing complex, risk-laden challenges now confronting health care leaders. It prepares you to better inspire your followers, enhance their connectivity of effort, and proactively solve problems. The meta-leadership tool set includes original interest-based negotiation, conflict resolution and crisis response techniques. The repertoire of analytic and technical skills will make you a more reflective, effective and resourceful leader, starting the first day you are back on the job.

COVID has presented health care leaders with unprecedented challenges. Leading assumes new meaning and demands a broad framework for analysis and action. The “Meta-”framework opens leaders to a wide perspective on problem solving, change, and crisis response. Achieving sustainable high performance requires robust relationships, innovative thinking, and pragmatic tools for overcoming system-wide disruptions. The faculty of this dynamic course equip you with the adaptive methods and well-defined steps to navigate beyond current obstacles. This is a ‘You’re It’ moment for health care, when your leadership really matters. Equip yourself and those who follow you for what lies ahead

Objectives & Highlights

Learning Objectives

  • Effectively lead and motivate the full range of stakeholders in your health care system
  • Increase your leadership impact by extending influence beyond your authority
  • Get ahead of the decision and action curve, applying the “arcs of time” to anticipate and guide your organization through times of crisis and change
  • Improve personal and organizational capacity to transform, negotiate, resolve conflict, and solve complex problems
  • Hone your vision and strength to efficiently link people and leverage resources to achieve system goals and objectives
  • Build robust system connectivity by applying the emerging insights in “swarm leadership”
  • Instill and inspire leadership as a core competency throughout your health system

Program Highlights

  • Highly interactive learning through a provocative leadership laboratory designed to disrupt and challenge
  • Cutting-edge curriculum that takes on the opportunities and predicaments of a transforming health care system
  • Pragmatic and tested set of meta-leadership tools and strategies to further develop your skills and achieve your aspirations
  • Proactively address systemic productivity issues and build unity of effort using innovative problem-solving methods
  • Reap value with topics, tools, and techniques immediately useful at your organization

Credits and Logistics

Continuing Education Credit

All participants will receive a Certificate of Participation upon completion of the program.

Who Should Participate

This program is designed to meet the interpersonal, system, and problem solving challenges now required for career advancement. Participants are leaders and those ready to assume leadership positions from across the health care system, including:

  • Chief administrative officers
  • Chief executive officers
  • Chief medical officers
  • Chief nursing officers
  • Clinical department chairs
  • Clinical division chiefs
  • Clinical service directors
  • Deans of academic medical centers
  • Executive directors
  • Group practice administrators
  • Health insurance executives
  • Health policy advisors
  • Medical directors
  • Nurses and nurse leaders
  • Physicians and physician leaders
  • Vice presidents