Scaling Up Mental Health Care Services

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Meet Mental Health Needs by Scaling Up Evidence-Based Programs

The mental health treatment gap is not a new phenomenon, but the COVID pandemic put a spotlight on both the unmet mental health needs and the critical importance of reducing this gap. The reality is that there are too few professionals to support the vast mental health needs of the population, which means that professionals and organizations must leverage limited resources more effectively and innovate mental health care delivery.

Scaling Up Mental Health Care Services is focused on broadening the support of those who need mental health care services by giving current and future health care leaders the core skills needed to make those changes in their organizations. This includes, but is not limited to nurturing collaborations, understanding policy analysis and planning, and developing and managing various resources. Through interactive online sessions, faculty will address implementation, deployment, scaling, and dealing with pushback, among other practical topics. 

Learn From the Experts

Scaling Up Mental Health Care Services will be led by renowned faculty who have held both public health research and real-world leadership roles. Core instructors include Shekhar Saxena, former Director of the Department of Mental Health and Substance Abuse at the World Health Organization, Vikram Patel, co-leader of GlobalMentalHealth@Harvard, and Giuseppe Raviola, Director of Mental Health for Partners In Health (PIH), and the Director of the Program in Global Mental Health and Social Change (PGMHSC) at Harvard Medical School.

By completing this synchronous, virtual program, you will:

  • Know the key innovations for scaling up mental health care in diverse settings, including humanitarian contexts
  • Understand the value and methods for engaging with persons with lived experience in designing, delivering, and evaluating mental health care services
  • Strengthen the skills for enhancing demand for and accountability of mental health care through engaging with policy and decision-makers and communities


Objectives & Highlights

Course Learning Objectives

  • To understand the core skills needed to realize a leadership role within health and related sectors to enhance mental health of populations 
  • To strengthen the skills for policy analysis and planning, innovative organization and management of services, human and financial resources mobilization, monitoring, accountability and sustainability of strategies and programs aimed at enhancing mental health 
  • To strengthen the skills for establishing and nurturing collaboration with diverse sectors and organizations to scale up mental health services 

Program Highlights

  • Enjoy highly dynamic and interactive sessions in a personal environment led by expert faculty 
  • Foster personal and organizational growth through small group discussions with like-minded peers 
  • Become aware of the latest developments in evidence-based programs across the world 
  • Advance your executive and leadership skills in strengthening mental health care services 

Credits and Logistics

Continuing Education Credit

Who Should Participate

This program is designed for practitioners, policy advisors, health administrators, service planners, business leaders, and civil society organization executives with a responsibility for mental health.
Participants may hold titles such as: 

Director of mental health 

Administrator of mental health 

Mental health consultant 

Commissioner of mental health 

Chief mental health officer 

Human resources director