Quote from a PPCR Alumnus that says " Before the course my knowledge in clinical research was like a pile of bricks stacked in a disorderly fashion. My feeling is that the course put good cement between the bricks and formed a solid and larger wall, which represents my current knowledge in this area"

From our Alumni

“The course was very well structured, covering basics to advanced knowledge about many aspects of clinical research. It not only helped me to understand the technical aspects about researching, but also about working in group, discussing ethical and philosophical aspects. It required hard work and dedication, but it was completely worth it!

“I would strongly recommend this course for students. It is a collaborative learning model and an opportunity to learn, share experience and knowledge with different people around the world.”

“This course definitely changed my way of reading and interpreting published studies and also gave me a better condition to perform my own studies. It was a nice, enriching and unforgettable experience.

“If you intend to live your life in a Academic Institution you should take this course as soon as you can. It will surely improve your knowledge to run and analyze clinical research.”

“You should go deep in this course. The reward is really impressive. Do not miss the opportunity of interacting with other students during the course. The collaborative learning is indeed effective.”

Fascinating experience. The course is comprehensive, detailed, and provides the clinician with the basic knowledge and understanding of how to design and conduct a high level clinical trial.

“The clinical trials course completely changed my view of clinical trials and research. It made it more accessible and clear and definitely helped in present and future research.”

“This course helped me to greatly enhance my skills in writing, reading, and reviewing a paper as well as giving me the tools to better develop clinical trials.”

“For clinicians not fluent in clinical trials, this course creates a true paradigm shift in thinking and capabilities towards mastering the language of clinical trials, as well as being able to plan, design, conduct, and interpret them.”