Governmental incentive programs

photo of a black and orange electric car plugged into a black charging point with a blue plug icon

Electric vehicle charger tax credit

If a dedicated wire to a three-prong Level 1 plug is run between the circuit breaker box and plug or a Level 2 outlet or an all-in-one charger is installed, an electric vehicle tax credit might be available. Learn more at:

Check your state and local utility websites for more information about rebates, discounts, and other programs that may be available to reduce the cost of charger installation.

Selecting green energy on your electric bill

In some states, the power companies offer customers the option of buying electricity that is labeled “green energy.” This electricity might cost more, but by checking the “green energy” box on a home electricity bill, the homeowner can help save the planet. With the cost of renewable energy, such as solar and wind, decreasing, the cost of the green energy will decrease.  The electric car would then be charging using renewable energy as a bonus.

Electric vehicles and electric-assist bicycles

The latest electric vehicle government incentive programs being considered in California and Massachusetts now include electric-assist bicycles in addition to cars. An electric-assist bicycle uses a  fraction of the electricity needed to charge an electric car. When considering installations for recharging, convenient places at home and the workplace to recharge batteries on electric-assist bicycles should be created.