If you don’t own an electric car

Not everyone will buy an electric car and not everyone should own a personal vehicle. If a vehicle is necessary because public transportation is inadequate or distances are too great for walking or biking, electric vehicles are a preferred choice for climate and community health benefits.

photo of a dedicated bus lane with bike lane and a city bus with a tree

Bikes, buses, and trees

Though all cars cause traffic congestion and take valuable land, electric cars do not, as greatly, lessen the health of bicyclists, bus riders, and trees.
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students sitting in a high school classroom raising their hands

High school students and electric cars

Climate change has been elevated to emergency status, and the young will be the most impacted. In the past, students influenced their parent’s behavior with seat belts, not smoking, and recycling. With electric cars reducing mobile source air pollution, in particular lowering exposure to bicyclists and under-served community residents, students might consider influencing their parents about electric cars.
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