My primary research is to use variety of biomarkers for assessing human exposures to environmental chemicals in order to facilitate the identification of risk factors, as well as the formation of hypotheses for potential health effects. One of my current research projects is to integrate exposure biomarkers, physiologically based pharmacokinetic model and cumulative risk assessment tools for quantifying children’s longitudinal exposure to pesticides via dietary intakes, and its risks by comparing to benchmark doses used by the regulatory agencies. I am also interested in developing the protein adduct-base biomarker to assess the health effects from exposures to organophospate pesticides.

I am collaborating extensively with scientists/researchers in the following research projects; 1) children’s residential pesticide exposures with Boston Housing Authority and the Committee for Boston Public Housing, 2) dietary pesticide exposures with Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regional labs, 3) biomarkers of pesticide exposure and health effects with Agricultural Health Study, 4) honeybee colonies collapsing disorder (CCD) with Harvard Center for the Environment, 5) community-based farmworker housing, exposures and health with Wake Forest University School of Medicine, and 6) exposure characterization of endocrine disrupting chemicals among custodians using conventional and green cleaning products with University of Connecticut/School of Medicine.

In our Exposure Biology Lab at Harvard School of Public Health, we are developing several analytical methods/biosensors using GC/MS and LC/MS/MS to quantify exposures via the analysis of specimen samples in supporting our research program. The current method developments include multi-pesticide residues in foods and envronmental samples, pyrethroids in saliva, pesticide metabolites, bisphenol-A (BPA) and phthalate monoesters in urine and other specimen samples, and cholinesterase adducts in red blood cells.

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In situ replication of honey bee colony collapse disorder