Christiana Demetriou


Christiana Demetriou, PhD

Assistant Professor in Epidemiology and Public Health
Department of Primary Care and Population Health, University of Nicosia Medical School

Dr. Demetriou is an Assistant Professor of Epidemiology and Public Health at the University of Nicosia Medical School and is also the Program Coordinator for the Master of Public Health.

Dr. Demetriou holds a BSc (Highest Honors, Dean’s List) in Biological Sciences from Geneva College in Pennsylvania USA, a Master of Public Health from Imperial College London (ICL) (awarded with Distinction) and a PhD in Clinical Medicine Research from the Department of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at ICL.

Her research interests include neurological disease and cancer epidemiology, as well as molecular investigation of the common links between chronic diseases (“diseasome”). In addition, she is interested in the field of biological embedding, the process through which external exposures, and especially early life exposures, become internalized to influence health. Dr Demetriou works also on investigating theoretical aspects of carcinogen evaluation/risk assessment. Lastly, Dr Demetriou is the Principal Investigator of the C-MOR project, which consists of a large international consortium of partners, and aims to investigate mortality trends during the COVID-19 pandemic (

Dr Demetriou has participated in several multicenter research projects funded by the European Commission as well as by National Research Foundations. She has also received funding for her research work from the Michael J. Fox Foundation and the European Huntington Disease Network. Her research achievements are reflected by more than 45 publications in international scientific peer-reviewed journals (Scopus H-index: 12), 25+ oral and poster presentations in scientific conferences, 8 book chapters published by international publishing houses, and several invited lectures in national and international research institutions and conferences