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June 2017 – The Huffington Post: How Leaving the Paris Accord will Hurt Our Health



May 2017 – The New York Times Opinion: Jimmy Kimmel’s Powerful Message



May 2017 – Study uncovers widespread leak risk for U.S. underground natural gas storage wells



May 2017 – Scientific American Blog: Why We Can’t Delay Action on Environmental Public Health



April 2017 – Boston 22 WWLP News – Study adds fuel to debate over carbon fees



April 2017 – The Guardian: Young midwestern farmers want to grow sustainable farmers want to grow sustainable food – but they need help



April 2017 – WBUR Commonhealth: As climate protesters march, researchers gather for a new field: Planetary Health



April 2017 – AIA Press Release: AIA adds three members to design and health research consortium



April 2017 – Fast Company: The Environmentalist Papers Make the Case for Conservation in the Age of Trump



April 2017 – The Boston Globe: We keep feeling reverberations of US strike on Syria



April 2017 – Environmental Health News: Trees, science and the goodness of green space



April 2017 – CBS News: Firefighters face another deadly risk: heart attacks



 March 2017 – The Boston Globe: Can an office building make you healthier and more productive?



March 2017 – The Boston Globe: Do Firefighters Face a Cancer Risk at their Fire Stations?



February 2017 – Dana-Farber Blog: Firefighters and Cancer: Dana-Farber Scientists Investigate



dawn-190055_960_720croppedFebruary 2017 – STAT: The Environmentalist No. 1: a scientific defense of the environment and health



February 2017 – Live Science: Climate Change Is Transforming the World’s Food Supply



February 2017 – National Geographic: 5 Surprising Ways Buildings Can Improve Our Health



February 2017 – OEM Podcast: Late shifts, heavy loads at work might impact fertility in women



February 2017 – CBC News: Shift work, heavy lifting linked to less successful in vitro fertilization



February 2017 – Green buildings make for higher performance in workplace



February 2017 – Environmental Health News: Fast food with a side of fluorinated chemicals



January 2017 – The Huffington Post: The Health Effects of Hormone-Altering Chemicals in Everyday Products



January 2017 – NPR: Health Food Prices, Green Buildings, LED Streetlights




January 2017 – Mother Jones: Is Your Noisy Neighborhood Slowly Killing You?




December 2016 – Washington Post Opinions: Stop playing whack-a-mole with hazardous chemicals



December 2016 – The Guardian: Green buildings make you work smarter and sleep sounder, study reveals



December 2016 – CBS News: In wake of Germanwings crash, study sheds light on pilots and depression



December 2016 – US News & World Reports: Study Reveals Depression, Suicidal Thoughts Not Uncommon in Airline Pilots



December 2016 – STAT News: One in eight airline pilots show symptoms of depression



December 2016 – TIME: A Lot of Pilots Have Depression Symptoms




December 2016 – Satellites, airport visibility readings shed light on troops’ exposure to air pollution



December 2016 – US News & World Reports: The Many Health Benefits of Trees




December 2016 – STAT News: Why Ben Carson’s Medical Experience Matters at HUD




November 2016 – Bloomberg: Ready for Some Good Environment News? It’s About Coal