Panayiotis Kouis

Panayiotis KouisPanayiotis Kouis, PhD
Research Scientist
Medical School of the University of Cyprus

Dr. Kouis is a biologist by training and holds an MSc in Molecular Medicine from the Cyprus Institute of Neurology and Genetics and an MSc in Environmental Health from the Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health in association with Harvard School of Public Health (CII). In 2017, he received his PhD in Environmental Health from the Cyprus International Institute of Environmental and Public Health (Cyprus University of Technology). Between 2013 and 2017, he was employed as a research scientist at the Cyprus University of Technology and since 2017 he is employed as a post-doctoral research scientist and project manager at the Medical School of the University of Cyprus. His research activities include the study of the public health impact of environmental exposures and climate change as well as the performance of observational and randomized trials in cohorts of chronic respiratory disease patients. He has substantial expertise in several areas of epidemiology, in clinical and field-based studies as well as in public health modelling and health impact assessment (HIA) methodologies. In addition, he has been actively involved in research activities focusing on synthesis of clinical evidence, meta-research and cost-effectiveness analyses in healthcare for the development of clinical guidelines and to inform public health policy making.