Postdoctoral Fellows Directory

Charleen Adams
Research Area:
Faculty Advisor:  Bernardo Lemos
Keywords: Biostatistics, Cancer, Cognitive, Epidemiology, Epigenetics, Genomics, Physiology
Research Area: Environmental Exposure Assessment
Faculty Advisor: Petros Koutrakis
Keywords: Air Pollution, Cardiovascular, Climate Change,  Environmental Justice, Epidemiology, Occupational Health

Jie Chen
Research Area: Air Pollution Exposure Modeling, Environmental Exposures, Cardiovascular Diseases
Faculty Advisor: Francine Laden
KeywordsAir Pollution, Built Environment, Cancer, Cardiovascular, Epidemiology, Exposure Assessment

Zunwei Chen
Research Area: Toxicology
Faculty Advisor: Quan Lu
Keywords: Cellular Biology, Cognitive, Exposure Assessment, Metals, Risk Assessment


Ernani Choma
Research Area: Risk Assessment
Faculty Advisor: John D. Spengler
Keywords: Air Pollution, Built Environment, Climate Change,  Engineering, Environmental Justice, Exposure Assessment, Geo spatial, Risk Assessment, Sustainability, Transportation,

Maria Hershey
Research Area: Nutritional Epidemiology
Faculty Advisor: Stefanos Kales
Keywords: Cardiovascular, Epidemiology, Food

Fan-Yun Lan
Research Area: Occupational and Environmental Medicine
Faculty Advisor: Stefanos N. Kales
Keywords: Cancer, Cardiovascular, Epidemiology, Occupational Health, Occupations/ Working Environments, Stress

Saurav Mallik
Research Area: Machine Learning, Computational Biology, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Deep Learning
Faculty Advisor: Bernardo Lemos
Keywords: Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Computational Biology, Deep Learning, Epigenetics,  Machine Learning

Gen Pei
Research Area: Air pollution exposure and building science
Supervisor: Joseph Allen
Keywords: Built Environment, Infectious disease transmission, Indoor chemistry,  Pollutant sensing technology, Climate Change

Adjani Antonela Peralta
Research Area: Environmental Epidemiology
Faculty Advisor: Joel Schwartz
KeywordsAir Pollution, Mixture methods, Cardiovascular, Climate Change, Elderly, Adolescents, Exposure Assessment, Causal methods, Particle radioactivity

Yang Sun
Research Area: Health Effects of Disinfection By-Products
Faculty Advisor: Carmen Messerlian
Keywords: Asthma, Biomarkers, Immunity, Maternal, Reproductive, Respiratory, Risk Assessment, Water Pollution

Katie Tomsho
Research Area: Environmental Health Literacy
Faculty Advisor: Tamarra James-Todd
Keywords: Environmental Communication, Environmental Justice, Exposure Assessment, Risk Assessment


Yaguang Wei
Research Area: Environmental Epidemiology
Faculty Advisor: Joel Schwartz
Keywords: Air Pollution, Asthma, Biostatistics, Cardiovascular, Cancer, Climate Change, Cognitive, Elderly, Environmental Justice, Exposure Assessment

Anna Young
Research Area: Chemical Exposures and Healthy Buildings
Faculty Advisor: Joseph Allen
Keywords: Cognitive, Exposure Assessment, Indoor Environment, Maternal, Occupational Health, Organic Chemicals, Reproductive

Xinan Wang
Research Area: Lung cancer, Cancer genomics, Biomarkers
Faculty Advisor: David C. Christiani
Keywords: Biomarkers, Cancer, Epidemiology, Genomics, Respiratory