Summer Program in Epidemiology Cohorts

2016 Summer Program Cohort


The Department of Epidemiology welcomed 8 undergraduate students for the 2016 Summer Program in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. The years cohort was selected from a 300 person applicant pool of extremely motivated students from around the United States. During their time at the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health our summer interns were in pair conducting a research project with a Faculty/Postdoc mentor here at the School. Interns were also involved in GRE prep classes offered by Kaplan, daily Faculty Lectures from Chan Faculty, an Introduction to Epidemiology, Introduction to Biostatistics, and Introduction to Social and Behavioral Sciences course taught by current Doctoral Candidates. With-in these four busy weeks, our students were given a real feel of graduate life at the Harvard Chan School.

On numerous occasions The Summer Program Interns were able to meet with current Masters and Doctoral students and were encouraged to use their time at Harvard to the fullest extent. During a small networking luncheon that Interns were even able to sit with our new Chair, Dr. Albert Hofman and discuss their future plans and research interests.

The Research Projector mentors/mentees for the 2016 Summer Program in Epidemiology and Biostatistics are listed below.
Dr. Meir Stampfer/Dr. Kathryn Penney/ Dr. Maxine Chen- Jessike Douglas & Jesse Valasek
Association of Metabolic Syndrome with Prostate Cancer Mortality
Dr. Josh Gagne/Dr. Richard Wyss- Patricia Aubel & Andy Kim
Seeking Smarter Gun Policy
Dr. Taj Azarian- Cristian Ovadiuc & Jeun Jun
Streptococcus pneumonia protein antigen diversity and implications for vaccine development looking beyond serotype specific capsular polysaccharide vaccines
Dr. Brian Arnold- Mohamed Mohamed & Callum Arras
Infectious Disease Genetics

2015 Summer Program Cohort

Summer Program Cohort2015

The Department of Epidemiology welcomed 9 undergraduate students during the Summer of 2015 for a 4 week intensive program in Epidemiology and Biostatistics. The Summer Program in Epidemiology worked alongside the FACETS Biological Sciences in Public Health, and Biostatistics and Computational Biology Summer Programs in faculty lectures, Kaplan GRE prep courses, Friday morning professional development sessions, and Power and Difference Workshops on Diversity and Inclusion.

The 2015 program pushed the importance of profession development as a critical factor to a student’s success in undergraduate degree programs as well as masters and PhD programs alike. This year’s program was led by long time co-director Mel Larsen and newly appointed Department of Epidemiology Academic Coordinator Eric DiGiovanni.

Faculty Mentors led research projects with the visiting students that were presented on Friday July 10, 2015 in the Kresge Library at the Harvard Chan School. Mentors included The Department of Epidemiology’s own Faculty member; Stacey Missmer (Reproductive, Perinatal, and Pediatric Epidemiology, Lorelei Mucci (Cancer Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention), Flaminia Cattercucci (Immunology and Infectious Disease); Harvard T.H. Chan Postdoctoral Fellow Lauren Childs (Epidemiology), and Harvard Affiliates Courtney Yuen(Instructor of Medicine, BWH), and Helen Jenkins (Research Fellow, HMS).

If this program interests you, then I encourage you to check out eligibility and application page -> HERE!

2014 Summer Program Cohort

Summer Program in Epidemiology Student outside HSPH

In the summer of 2014, the Epidemiology Department recently hosted 10 talented undergraduate students participating in this year’s Summer Program in Epidemiology. The program, which ran from June 16 through July 11, was originally created by Felisa Nobles, Director of Recruitment Programs & Special Assistant to the Associate Dean of Diversity and John Paulson, Associate Director of Graduate Studies in the Epidemiology Department, and is in its fourth year of existence.  The program’s co-directors are John Paulson and Mel Larsen, Outreach Manager for the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics. The Summer Program in Epidemiology provides students from underrepresented groups an introduction to the field of epidemiology as well as an opportunity to begin developing the skills necessary to pursue a career in public health.

Daily classes in epidemiology and biostatistics are punctuated by various special events and research presentations given by HSPH faculty, postdocs and students.  This year, participants were also able to experience the inaugural Power and Differences summer program course which highlights discussions surrounding leadership and diversity.  In addition, students work in small groups throughout the month on a research project. Mentorship on these projects is provided by several faculty members. This year’s faculty mentors from the Department of Epidemiology are Lorelei Mucci (Cancer Epidemiology), Deborah Blacker (Neuro-Psychiatric Epidemiology), Miguel Hernan (Epidemiologic Methods). The projects culminated in fascinating student presentations which were held on July 11th at 9:00am in the Epi Library.

For addition information on this exceptional summer program, please visit the Center for Communicable Disease Dynamics webpage.  If you are interested in applying for next year’s program, please visit the Summer Program in Epidemiology information webpage.

Harvard Yard TourMuseum Dinner2014 Summer Program Participants on a Tour of Harvard Yard in Cambridge and at the Museum of Fine Arts

 2013 Summer Program CohortGroup Photo