Selected Publications

Cardiovascular Epidemiology

  • Cassidy A, Bertoia M, Chiuve S, Flint A, Forman J, Rimm EB. Habitual intake of anthocyanins and flavanones and risk of cardiovascular disease in men.  Am J Clin Nutr. 2016 Sep;104(3):587-94.  PMCID: PMC4997299
  • Chomistek AK, Henschel B, Eliassen AH, Mukamal KJ, Rimm EBFrequency, Type, and Volume of Leisure-Time Physical Activity and Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Young Women.  Circulation. 2016 Jul 26;134(4):290-9.  PMCID: PMC4966899 [Available on 2017-07-26]
  • Chomistek AK, Chiuve SE, Eliassen AH, Mukamal KJ, Willett WC, Rimm EBHealthy lifestyle in the primordial prevention of cardiovascular disease among young women.  J Am Coll Cardiol. 2015;65:43-51. PMCID: PMC4429593
  • Chiuve SE, Cook NR, Shay CM, Rexrode KM, Albert CM, Manson JE, Willett WC, Rimm EB Lifestyle-Based Prediction Model for the Prevention of CVD: The Healthy Heart Score.  J Am Heart Assoc. 2014; 3(6):e000954. doi: 10.1161/JAHA.114.000954.  PMC4338684

Nutritional Epidemiology

  • Cohen JF, Gorski MT, Gruber SA, Kurdziel LB, Rimm EBThe effect of healthy dietary consumption on executive cognitive functioning in children and adolescents: a systematic review.  Br J Nutr. 2016 Sep;116(6):989-1000.
  • Li S, Flint A, Pai JK, Forman JP, Hu FB, Willett WC, Rexrode KM, Mukamal KJ, Rimm EB Low carbohydrate diet from plant or animal sources and mortality among myocardial infarction survivors.  J Am Heart Assoc. 2014;3:e001169.  PMC4323805
  • Cahill LE, Pan A, Chiuve SE, Sun Q, Willett WC, Hu FB, Rimm EBFried-food consumption and risk of type 2 diabetes and coronary artery disease: a prospective study in 2 cohorts of US women and men.  Am J Clin Nutr. 2014;100:667-675. PMC4095664 [Available on 2015-08-01]
  • Li S, Flint A, Pai JK, Forman JP, Hu FB, Willett WC, Rexrode KM, Mukamal KJ, Rimm EBDietary fiber intake and mortality among survivors of myocardial infarction: prospective cohort study.  BMJ. 2014;348:g2659.  PMC4004785

Nutrition Policy

  • Bleich SN, Rimm EB, Brownell KD.  S. Nutrition Assistance, 2018 – Modifying SNAP to Promote Population Health. N Engl J Med. 2017 Mar 30;376(13):1205-1207.
  • Leung CW, Musicus AA, Willett WC, Rimm EB.  Improving the Nutritional Impact of the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program: Perspectives From the Participants. Am J Prev Med. 2017 Feb;52(2S2):S193-S198.  PMCID: PMC5264317 [Available on 2018-02-01]
  • Cohen JF, Gorski MT, Hoffman JA, Rosenfeld L, Chaffee R, Smith L, Catalano PJ, Rimm EB. Healthier Standards for School Meals and Snacks: Impact on School Food Revenues and Lunch Participation Rates.  Am J Prev Med. 2016 Oct;51(4):485-92.
  • Gorski MT, Cohen JF, Hoffman JA, Rosenfeld L, Chaffee R, Smith L, Rimm EB. Impact of Nutrition Standards on Competitive Food Quality in Massachusetts Middle and High Schools.  Am J Public Health. 2016 Jun;106(6):1101-8.
  • Cohen JF, Jahn JL, Richardson S, Cluggish SA, Parker E, Rimm EB. Amount of Time to Eat Lunch Is Associated with Children’s Selection and Consumption of School Meal Entrée, Fruits, Vegetables, and Milk. J Acad Nutr Diet. 2016 Jan;116(1):123-8. PMCID: PMC4698073
  • Leung CW, Rimm EB. Misinterpretation of SNAP Participation, Diet, and Weight in Low-Income Adults.  Am J Public Health. 2015 Oct;105(10):e1
  • Hoffman JA, Rosenfeld L, Schmidt N, Cohen JF, Gorski M, Chaffee R, Smith L, Rimm EB. Implementation of Competitive Food and Beverage Standards in a Sample of Massachusetts Schools: The NOURISH Study (Nutrition Opportunities to Understand Reforms Involving Student Health). J Acad Nutr Diet. 2015 Aug;115(8):1299-307.  PMCID: PMC4545612
  • Cohen JF, Richardson SA, Cluggish SA, Parker E, Catalano PJ, Rimm EB. Effects of choice architecture and chef-enhanced meals on the selection and consumption of healthier school foods: a randomized clinical trial.  JAMA Pediatr. 2015;169:431-7.  PMCID: PMC4540052
  • Cohen JF, Richardson S, Parker E, Catalano PJ, Rimm EB. Impact of the new U.S. Department of Agriculture school meal standards on food selection, consumption, and waste. Am J Prev Med. 2014;46:388-394. PMC3994463
  • Leung CW, Cluggish S, Villamor E, Catalano PJ, Willett WC, Rimm EB. Few changes in food security and dietary intake from short-term participation in the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program among low-income Massachusetts adults.  J Nutr Educ Behav. 2014;46:68-74. PMC3874244


  • Hruby A, Manson JE, Qi L, Malik VS, Rimm EB, Sun Q, Willett WC, Hu FB. Determinants and Consequences of Obesity.  Am J Public Health. 2016 Sep;106(9):1656-62.  PMCID: PMC4981805
  • Bertoia ML, Mukamal KJ, Cahill LE, Hou T, Ludwig DS, Mozaffarian D, Willett WC, Hu FB, Rimm EB. Changes in Intake of Fruits and Vegetables and Weight Change in United States Men and Women Followed for Up to 24 Years: Analysis from Three Prospective Cohort Studies.  PLoS Med. 2015 Sep 22;12(9):e1001878.  PMCID: PMC4578962
  • Flint AJ, Gearhardt AN, Corbin WR, Brownell KD, Field AE, Rimm EB. Food-addiction scale measurement in 2 cohorts of middle-aged and older women.  Am J Clin Nutr. 2014;99:578-86.  PMC3927691


  • Mostofsky E, Mukamal KJ, Giovannucci EL, Stampfer MJ, Rimm EB. Key Findings on Alcohol Consumption and a Variety of Health Outcomes From the Nurses’ Health Study.  Am J Public Health. 2016 Sep;106(9):1586-91.  PMCID: PMC4981808
  • Mostofsky E, Chahal HS, Mukamal KJ, Rimm EB, Mittleman MA.  Alcohol and Immediate Risk of Cardiovascular Events: A Systematic Review and Dose-Response Meta-Analysis.  2016 Mar 8;133(10):979-87.  PMCID: PMC4783255 [Available on 2017-03-08]
  • Jackson CL, Hu FB, Kawachi I, Williams DR, Mukamal KJ, Rimm EB. Black-White Differences in the Relationship Between Alcohol Drinking Patterns and Mortality Among US Men and Women.  Am J Public Health. 2015;105 Suppl 3:S534-43. PMCID: PMC4455501

Biomarkers, Genetics, and Other Heart Disease

  • Cahill LE, Jensen MK, Chiuve SE, Shalom H, Pai JK, Flint AJ, Mukamal KJ, Rexrode KM, Levy AP, Rimm EBThe Risk of Coronary Heart Disease Associated With Glycosylated Hemoglobin of 6.5% or Greater Is Pronounced in the Haptoglobin 2-2 Genotype.  J Am Coll Cardiol. 2015 Oct 20;66(16):1791-9.  PMCID: PMC4616252
  • Mukamal KJ, Jensen MK, Pers TH, Pai JK, Kraft P, Rimm EBMultilocus heterozygosity and coronary heart disease: nested case-control studies in men and women.  PLoS One. 2015;10:e0124847.  PMCID: PMC4430477
  • Reilly D, Hao K, Jensen MK, Girman CJ, Rimm EBUse of systems biology approaches to analysis of genome-wide association studies of myocardial infarction and blood cholesterol in the nurses’ health study and health professionals’ follow-up study.  PLoS One. 2013 Dec 26;8(12):e85369.  PMC3873433


  • Ferguson JF, Allayee H, Gerszten RE, Ideraabdullah F, Kris-Etherton PM, Ordovás JM, Rimm EB, Wang TJ, Bennett BJ. Nutrigenomics, the Microbiome, and Gene-Environment Interactions: New Directions in Cardiovascular Disease Research, Prevention, and Treatment: A Scientific Statement From the American Heart Association. Circ Cardiovasc Genet. 2016 Apr 19.

Other Acute/Chronic Disease

  • Gilsanz P, Winning A, Koenen KC, Roberts AL, Sumner JA, Chen Q, Glymour MM, Rimm EB, Kubzansky LD.  Post-traumatic stress disorder symptom duration and remission in relation to cardiovascular disease risk among a large cohort of women. Psychol Med. 2017 Jan 5:1-9. doi: 10.1017/S0033291716003378. [Epub ahead of print].
  • Koenen KC, Sumner JA, Gilsanz P, Glymour MM, Ratanatharathorn A, Rimm EB, Roberts AL, Winning A, Kubzansky LD.  Post-traumatic stress disorder and cardiometabolic disease: improving causal inference to inform practice. Psychol Med. 2017 Jan;47(2):209-225. PMCID: PMC5214599 [Available on 2018-01-01]
  • Hughes KC, Gao X, Kim IY, Rimm EB, Wang M, Weisskopf MG, Schwarzschild MA, Ascherio A.  Intake of antioxidant vitamins and risk of Parkinson’s disease. Mov Disord. 2016 Dec;31(12):1909-1914.  PMCID: PMC5154924 [Available on 2017-12-01]
  • Sumner JA, Kubzansky LD, Roberts AL, Gilsanz P, Chen Q, Winning A, Forman JP, Rimm EB, Koenen KC. Post-traumatic stress disorder symptoms and risk of hypertension over 22 years in a large cohort of younger and middle-aged women. Psychol Med. 2016 Nov;46(15):3105-3116.  PMCID: PMC5093068 [Available on 2017-05-01]


  • Chomistek AK, Yuan C, Matthews CE, Troiano RP, Bowles HR, Rood J, Barnett JB, Willett WC, Rimm EB, Bassett DR Jr. Physical Activity Assessment with the ActiGraph GT3X and Doubly Labeled Water. Med Sci Sports Exerc. 2017 Sep;49(9):1935-1944. PMCID: PMC5561512 [Available on 2018-09-01]
  • Yuan C, Spiegelman D, Rimm EB, Rosner BA, Stampfer MJ, Barnett JB, Chavarro JE, Subar AF, Sampson LK, Willett WC.  Validity of a Dietary Questionnaire Assessed by Comparison With Multiple Weighed Dietary Records or 24-Hour Recalls. Am J Epidemiol. 2017 Apr 1;185(7):570-584.