Sites of Note

Channing Division of Network Medicine – The Channing Division of Network Medicine is one of Harvard’s foremost multidisciplinary research institutions. The Chronic Disease Epidemiology section was initiated by Dr. Frank Speizer and is currently led by Dr. Francine Grodstein. It is home to the Nurses’ Health Study,   the longest-running and largest cohort study of risk factors for chronic diseases – such as cancer and diabetes – among women; it is one of three similar cohort studies currently conducted at the Channing Division of Network Medicine.

Austrian Scientists and Scholars in North America – ASciNA is an independent network and intellectual home of Austrian scientists from various disciplines. Dr. Schernhammer was co-founder of the network (2001) and between 2005 and 2008 served as president for the more than 1000 ASciNA members across North America.

Applied Biomarkers in Cancer Epidemiology EPI246 – The focus of this course is on application and interpretation of cancer studies using biomarkers. Topics include biomarkers of exposure, biomarkers related to metabolism/activation and other biological pathways, intermediate/surrogate endpoints, markers of early cancer detection and prognosis.