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Deadline to Register – Exec. Ed.: Health Care Quality Improvement: From Design to Implementation

January 3rd, 2025

Five health care workers sitting at a table talking and smiling

Program dates: January 616, 2025

Registration deadline: January 3, 2025 at 12pm EST

Health care leaders and professionals want to undertake improvement projects in their practice or organization, and many don’t know where to begin, or how to analyze and properly gauge their successes. Health Care Quality Improvement: From Design to Implementation will use a real case study to take participants through the journey of identifying, planning, measuring, and creating process changes that will lead to results.

This program will show you how to design and implement your own health care improvement project from a practitioner with extensive international experience. This course uses a simulation exercise, with frameworks and methods taught just-in-time for you to apply in small groups during each session. This eight-session program will teach you how to:

  • Develop your aim for improvement
  • Identify the improvement team
  • Flowchart the process of care delivery
  • Establish your improvement indicators
  • Determine how to test
  • Monitor changes in your process
  • Graph the results
  • Finalize your implementation-ready design

Participants will work in small groups through each of the steps in the simulation exercise, receiving faculty feedback each step of the way. The practical application of how to design, develop and implement a health care improvement project is pivotal to the outcomes of the learning in this course.

No prior knowledge or experience with health care improvement is required for this practical course.


Date: January 3rd, 2025
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