Applied Biostatistics Certificate: Methods & Applications


This online course offers a comprehensive introduction to biostatistics in medical research. The course includes a review of the most common techniques in the field, as well as the manner in which these techniques are applied in standard statistical software. Weekly lectures are combined with learning assessments and practicum exercises to support and engage participants. … Continue reading "Applied Biostatistics Certificate: Methods & Applications"

Grant Funding for Researchers Certificate


The Grant Funding for Researchers Certificate combines five existing online grant writing courses, listed below. Throughout the program, participants will learn the skills needed to meet grant application requirements from diverse funding sources. The program runs September 14, 2022-June 7, 2023, and registration closes August 31, 2022. Topics include: Techniques to Writing a Competitive Grant … Continue reading "Grant Funding for Researchers Certificate"

Latinx Heritage Month

Latinx Heritage Month started as a weeklong celebration in 1968, and has grown to a month from September 15 through October 15 to incorporate the independence days of Chile, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico, and Nicaragua. The month recognizes the legacies and contributions of individuals who trace their roots to Spain, Mexico, Central America, South America, … Continue reading "Latinx Heritage Month"

Community-Engaged Research Online Course


Community engagement in research provides an opportunity for greater trust and respect to be built between academic researchers and communities and, ultimately, improved community health. Therefore, this course was designed for both researchers and community members in mind. The purpose of this online course is two-fold: to build the skills of researchers to develop trusting … Continue reading "Community-Engaged Research Online Course"

LGBTQ+ History Month

LGBTQ+ History Month honors members of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, gender nonconforming, and queer communities. October was chosen to nationally commemorate LGBTQ+ history, political activism, and contributions because several important dates fall within the month, including National Coming Out Day (October 11), Spirit Day acknowledging LGBTQ+ youth (October 20), Asexual Awareness Week (last week in … Continue reading "LGBTQ+ History Month"

Exec. Ed: Leadership Development for Physicians in Academic Health Centers

In Person

Academic health centers in the United States are experiencing unprecedented disruption and change as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Now more than ever, institutions need physicians in leadership who have the skills and experience to lead in complex and ever-changing environments. For over forty years Harvard has conducted intensive two-week executive development programs designed … Continue reading "Exec. Ed: Leadership Development for Physicians in Academic Health Centers"

Exec. Ed. Online: Scaling Up Mental Health Care Services


Mental Health Care Leadership: Certificate of Specialization comprises three programs, taught by local and international Harvard faculty embracing both empirical evidence and real-world lessons. It is a training and mentoring program where leaders from around the world can empower their organizations to scale-up evidence based and innovative programs to address the mental health needs of … Continue reading "Exec. Ed. Online: Scaling Up Mental Health Care Services"

MIPS Seminar: Airway basal stem cells reutilize the embryonic proliferation regulator, Tgfβ-Id2 axis, for tissue regeneration

Virtual In Person

Hirofumi Kiyokawa, MD PhD, Postdoctoral Associate, Center for Regenerative Medicine, Boston University School of Medicine The proliferative state of tissue stem cells is strictly regulated to maintain the tissue structures depending on the different stages in their lifetime, from development, where stem cell progenitors are proliferative to contribute to tissue growth, to homeostasis, where tissue … Continue reading "MIPS Seminar: Airway basal stem cells reutilize the embryonic proliferation regulator, Tgfβ-Id2 axis, for tissue regeneration"