Student Disciplinary Board

Student Disciplinary Board

Charge: To review instances of alleged student misconduct as favorably to students and other members of the Harvard School of Public Health as possible, consistent with the maintenance of academic and ethical standards. The Student Disciplinary Board was established in 1986.
Members: Jacqueline Bhabha, Chair
Professor of the Practice of Health and Human Rights

Lorelei Mucci
Professor of Epidemiology

Meredith Rosenthal
C. Boyden Gray Professor of Health Economics and Policy

Shaneka Davis,
Master of Public Health student, Health and Social Behavior

Griffin Jones,
Doctor of Public Health student

Spyros Potiris,
Master of Public Health student, Health Management

Maritza Hernandez
Associate Dean of Student Services, ex-officio

Contact: Office for Student Services (617-432-4703)