Career Development Plan and Annual Review Process

Postdoctoral Fellows

(revised 04/01/2021)

The objectives of the annual career development and evaluation process for Harvard Chan School postdoctoral fellows are as follows:

  1. To clarify both the mentor’s and the postdoctoral fellow’s expectations for the fellowship
  2. To identify scientific and professional goals for the coming year
  3. To ensure that postdoctoral fellows receive regular and substantive feedback on their progress and career trajectory

Completion of the evaluation process by postdoctoral fellows and their mentors will be required in order to process a fellow’s reappointment; thus, all fellows appointed by Harvard Chan School, paid or unpaid, will take part.  Postdoctoral fellows who participate in a performance evaluation at another Harvard University affiliate or program need not participate in this process if they submit verification that an appropriate form of evaluation has taken place.

Below is an outline of the procedures that will be followed to implement the evaluation process.

Year 1 – Career Development Plan

  • Within 30 days of arrival at Harvard Chan School, the Office of Faculty Affairs (OFA) will send all new postdocs an email message describing the career development and annual review process and links to the relevant forms (career development plan).  The postdoc will be asked to complete the career development form within 30 days of receipt.
  • The new postdoc will complete the career development plan outlining her/his goals for the coming year. The plan will be discussed with the postdoc’s mentor, revised if necessary, and approved by both the postdoc and mentor.
  • The completed plan will be submitted to OFA.

Year 2 (and subsequent years) – Annual Progress Review
*NEW* as of April 2021, the Annual Progress Review will now be found in PeopleSoft.

  • During the spring of each year, all postdocs who have been at Harvard Chan School for six months or longer will receive an email message from OFA reminding them of the annual review process and asking them to complete a postdoc annual progress review in PeopleSoft that encompasses their activities during the previous year, plans for activities in the next year, and feedback from their mentor. Postdoc mentors will also receive the message as their participation in the review process is needed.
  • The postdoc will complete the review in PeopleSoft and share with their mentor.
  • The mentor will then complete their section of the review and submit the form in Peoplesoft.
  • The postdoc should meet with her/his mentor to discuss the completed review, as well as to solicit feedback and suggestions from the mentor.
  • OFA will review the annual progress review, and file it in the postdoc’s personnel file.  If a form indicates that the postdoc is not meeting expectations in a number of areas, OFA will follow up as appropriate and provide additional support, if needed.