Diversity, Harassment and Miscellaneous Policies

University Policy Concerning Affirmative Action and Equal Employment Opportunity

(revised 10/13/2009)

Harvard University is committed to selecting faculty and staff without discrimination against individuals on the basis of race, color, sex, sexual orientation, religion, creed, national origin, age, veteran status, or disability unrelated to job requirements.

The Office of the Assistant to the President serves as the University’s liaison with the federal government in matters related to contract compliance concerning employment. Among the duties of the Assistant to the President are coordination of the University’s affirmative action programs and oversight of their implementation throughout the University.

The university policy on discrimination can be found at http://diversity.harvard.edu/

Harvard Chan School-Specific Complaint Procedures for Faculty and Other Academic Appointees

Procedures for addressing matters of harassment that arise concerning faculty and other academic appointees are generally accommodated under the
Grievance Procedures for Faculty and Non-Faculty Academic Appointees.

University/School Policy on Sexual Harassment and Grievance Procedures

(this section revised 04/2015)

 University Policy Document
The university policy and procedure four-page document applicable to all  schools/units on sexual harassment can be read here.

 Grievance Procedures

1)      Go to website for the Office of the Assistant to the President Diversity page and select the school/unit for the affiliation of the individual for whom the complaint is against:


* If you are unsure of the affiliated school/unit of the person you wish to complain about, contact the Title IX Coordinator of your own school/unit listed at the shield in the link above.

2) If you already know a complaint falls under Harvard Chan School purview, navigate directly to the Harvard Chan School specific and detailed information found at:


Additional Guidance

  • The Longwood Area Ombuds Office provides additional information and guidance on matters related to harassment and discrimination.
  • General information on how to respond to sexual harassment and sexual violence can be found in the ‘Tell Someone’ brochure.
  • All inquiries regarding this policy or with matters which concern sexual harassment should be addressed in confidence to:

Michael Grusby,
Senior Associate Dean for Academic Affairs
V: 617-432-1240 or by email at mgrusby@hsph.harvard.edu

                                           or to:
Mahnaz El-Kouedi,
Title IX Coordinator for Faculty and
Assistant Dean for Faculty Affairs
V: 617-432-1381 or by email at elkouedi@hsph.harvard.edu)

All concerns involving students should be discussed with Stacey Herman, Associate Dean for Student Services at 617-432-4703 or by email at sherman@hsph.harvard.edu.

** Information on student disciplinary procedures are found in the Appendix of the Student Handbook.

Use of Harvard Names and Insignias

(section revised 8/18/2008)

The university policy regarding the use of its name and insignia can be found at the Provost’s Office website, and should be consulted before using the Harvard name or insignia.

Use of HSPH Name and Insignia

(revised 10/24/2003)

The school’s policy regarding the use of its name and shield is available in the online document, Use of the Harvard School of Public Health Name and Shield by Units of the School (PDF).

Other University Policies

A listing of university-wide policies and guidelines on a variety of subjects is available on the Provost’s Office website at http://www.provost.harvard.edu/policies_guidelines/.