Reappointing Research Scientists

(revised 2/22/2021)

Reappointments of current roles in the Research Scientist track require a simplified list of materials than a first appointment or promotion.  A checklist is not needed to submit a reappointment packet though you may use the standard form if you choose. The materials needed to reappoint research scientists are:

  • letter from the department chair or center director requesting the reappointment and briefly describing the incumbent’s current research and responsibilities in the context of the criteria for appointment
  • a current copy of the research scientist’s CV
    • peer-reviewed publications should be listed separately from other publications; publications not yet accepted should not be listed
    • the CV should contain a grant funding section; information should include the dollar amount and length of the grant in addition to the researcher’s role on the grant
    • click here for the School’s preferred CV format
  • an activities statement that outlines the research scientist’s’ duties, responsibilities, and plans for future research
  • supporting financial information including: proposed salary/increase, costing strings, and fringe.