Felipe Fregni

Professor in the Department of Epidemiology

Department of Epidemiology

Dr. Fregni’s major research interests include development of novel neural markers to understand and also to guide interventions aiming at modulating neuroplasticity in chronic neurological conditions associated with maladaptive plasticity such as chronic pain and post-stroke motor rehabilitation. Dr. Fregni has therefore designed, analyzed and conducted a great number of clinical and also observational trials; developing novel treatments in this field. Dr. Fregni has been one of the pioneers in the development of novel methods of transcranial electrical stimulation. Given his interest in clinical research methodology, from initial stages to late confirmatory trials, Dr. Fregni has developed an international global training program in clinical research (Principles and Practice of Clinical Research – PPCR) and has trained more than 2500 young investigators in the basics of clinical research in South America, Asia, some parts of Africa, Middle East and Europe.