Credit Balance

Anticipated Credit

Our office will process refunds automatically to degree students with financial aid that appears to exceed tuition and fees for the academic year. Read more by selecting the image above.

Credit Balance

If you are a non-degree and/or self-paying student with a credit balance on your student account, complete the credit balance refund form to initiate the refund process. To complete the Credit Balance Refund Form, follow the link: by selecting the image above.

Tuition Deposit

Tuition deposit is a mandatory deposit that must be paid to the Admissions Office in order to secure the student’s place in the class. This deposit is nonrefundable; and any credit balance that arises after paying this deposit will be refunded to the student by completing the Credit Balance Refund Form. Found by selecting the image above. Please Note: THIS TUITION DEPOSIT CANNOT BE WAIVED.

Contact information:

For any refund related questions, please contact Senait Mulu in the Office of Financial Aid at 617-432-3859 or