Academic Departments and Programs

The Office of Financial Aid (OFA) does not decide the majority of institutional funds, training/research grants, and assistantships. These decisions are made primarily by academic departments and programs. Those seeking funding must complete the Harvard Chan financial aid application process, as academic departments and programs rely heavily on the information you provide OFA.

If you have received your admissions decision and are having trouble locating your financial aid decision, please refer to the following:

After viewing your Admissions decision letter, there should be a “Continue” button at the bottom that will take you to your Admitted Student Portal. Once there, you should see a section for Financial Aid with a button that says “View Financial Aid Communication”. That button should take you to your financial aid decision. If you are still unable to view your financial aid information, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at

If you have general questions about financial aid, contact the Office of Financial Aid first. For more information regarding your scholarship decision or specifics about the decision process, please refer to the links below:

Master of Public Health (MPH-45/MPH-65/MPH-GEN)

students should contact the Office of Educational Programs and/or refer to the frequently asked questions below.

Master of Science (SM) 

Students should contact their academic department:

Important Considerations

  • Applicants given verbal offers of funding by academic departments or programs should request confirmation in writing
  • Unless otherwise specified, renewals of funding for subsequent years may not be guaranteed
  • Funding may not be guaranteed if a student changes their program, degree or department
  • Changes in enrollment status (i.e. full- to part-time), may result in adjusted funding levels

Doctor of Public Health (DrPH)

Students with financial need are eligible to receive 50% tuition awards for the first two years of their program. There is no merit-based aid offered.