Interdisciplinary Training in Statistical Genetics/Genomics & Computational Biology

Groundbreaking research and discovery in the life sciences in the 21st century are more interdisciplinary than ever. To expedite scientific advances in the “omics” era, it is critical to train the next generation of quantitative genomic scientists to have a strong understanding of, and commitment to, cutting edge methodological and collaborative research in statistical genetics/genomics and bioinformatics/computational biology with applications in genetic epidemiology, molecular biology and genomic medicine.

We are committed to preparing our trainees to become future quantitative leaders –developing and applying advanced, scalable statistical and computational methods to manage, analyze, integrate, and interpret massive genetic and genomic data in basic science and epidemiological and clinical studies. Our program will promote interdisciplinary research and teach trainees to effectively communicate and collaborate with subject-matter scientists in genetic and genomic research.

The Predoctoral Training Grant (T32GM135117) that supports this training is provided by the NIGMS Biostatistics Training Grant Program.