Gholamali Rahnavard

Research Fellow

Department of Biostatistics

Postdoctoral Associate,
The Huttenhower lab,


Recent technologies enable researchers to collect large-scale, diverse biomedical and genomic data. Dr. Rahnavard’s  research is concerned with the development of efficient algorithms and statistical software systems to analyze such data for the purposes of understanding and treating complex diseases. His primary focus with the Huttenhower lab is developing methodology and associated software for mining and statistical analysis of metagenomic data in search of microbial biomarkers. He is also responsible for the development and validation of methodology and infrastructure for translating metagenomic discoveries for the treatment of human diseases.


Ph.D. Computer Science/Applied Statistics/Bioinformatics, 2014, New Mexico State University
M.S. Computer Science/Bioinformatics, 2013, New Mexico State University
M.S. Computer Engineering/Software Systems, 2005, Shiraz University
B.S. Computer Engineering, 2003, Razi University of Kermanshah