Exporting to other applications

In order to export an attribute table associated with a spatial dataset, select the layer, right-click and select
Open Attribute Table. Then export the data by clicking on the Table Options icon in the upper left,  and select Export. If you click on the folder icon you can specify file format (dBase table .dbf or text files are commonly used), the filename and directory to store the file in.

Prior to exporting records you may wish to add fields with spatial information such as x- and y- coordinates or coordinates of centroids.   After the attribute table is open, you can select Options, add fields.  Start editing the table (On editor toolbar select editor, start editing).  Right click on the field name and select Calculate Geometry for some options appropriate to the type of feature.  Additional spatial information can be added to tables using ArcToolbox.

Last modified 1/10/2013.