Named Financial Aid Funds at Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

An investment in financial aid supports not only our students but also the countless lives these students will touch in the course of their public health careers. The School is extremely grateful to our donors who have established and contributed to the following named fellowships and financial aid funds, which serve as leadership examples for student financial support. Funds created in fiscal year 2019 are highlighted in bold.


Helen Thayer Adams Scholarship

Albina Fund for Student Travel Fellowships

Andelot Scholarship

ASISA Fellowship

Martin S. and Kay W. Bander Educational Support Fund

Benjamin M. Banks Fellowship

Judith and Robert C. Benfari Fellowship

Berkowitz Fellowship in Public Health Nutrition

Barry R. and Irene Tilenius Bloom Fellowship

Stanley P. Bohrer Endowed Fellowship

Joseph D. Brain Fellowship in Environmental Health

Uwe Brinkmann Memorial Travel Fellowship

Wanda Lane Buck Fellowship

Joseph A. and Annette B. Burke Fund for Student Support

Charlotte C. Campbell Fellowship

Carson Family Fellowship

Carson Family Scholarship Program

Center for Climate, Health, and the Global Environment Scholarship

Fong Clow Doctoral Fellowship

Helen Cohn Fund

Donald R. Cohodes Memorial Fund

Congrong Family Fellowship

Cyprus Endowment for the Environment and Public Health

Damson Family Financial Aid Fund

Danilovich Family Fellowship

DC Alumni Chapter Scholarship

Department of Biostatistics Scholarship

Department of Epidemiology Scholarship

Department of Nutrition Scholarship

Dillon Family Fellowship in Population and Development Studies

Dillon Family Fellowship in Population and International Health

Dippel Choney Scholarship

Lena Dohlman Financial Aid Fund

Mike M. and Evelyn B. Donatelli Fellowship

Mitchell L. Dong and Robin LaFoley Dong Scholarship

Martha May Eliot Fund

Endowment Fund for Education of Physicians from Taiwan

Myron E. Essex Fellowship for Students from Africa

Exponent Financial Aid Fund

Dr. Nabiel and Wesam Fareed Family Financial Aid Fund

Esther and Sumner Feldberg Fellowship

Benjamin Greely Ferris Jr. Fellowship in Environmental Epidemiology

Financial Aid Fund for Biostatistics and Global Health and Population

Harvey V. Fineberg Fellowship in Cancer Prevention

Melvin W. First Fellowship

FMUSP/Harvard Chan School Brazil Visiting Scholars Exchange Fund

Dr. Katherine A. Forrest AB ʼ63, MD ʼ67, MPH ʼ71, Financial Aid Fund

FountainVest Fellowship

Julio Frenk Doctor of Public Health Fellowship

FXB Villages Student Field Study Fund

Clarence James and Sarah Bradley Gamble Endowment Fund

Roberta Gianfortoni Financial Aid Fund

Joy and Steve Gibson Financial Aid Fund

Bruce and Marilyn Gillis Family Fund for Students

Glickenhaus Financial Aid Fund

Global Health and Population Graduate Student Stipend Fund

Horace W. Goldsmith Fellowship

Green Mountain Global Health Financial Aid Fund

George Gund Endowment Fund

Lewis W. Hackett Scholarship

Julie E. Henry Fund for Maternal and Child Health

Hesed Africa Scholarship

George B. Hutchison Financial Aid Fund

Immunology and Infectious Diseases Graduate Student Support Fund

Nancy and Timothy Johnson Fellowship

Karen Doreen Keim Scholarship

Leonard J. Kirschner and Peggy D. Gilbert Financial Aid Fund

James E. Knox Memorial Nutrition Fund

Vasilios Stavros Lagakos Fellowship in Biostatistics

Nan Laird Financial Aid Fund

Leadership Incubator Fund

Lee Kum Kee Family Foundation Scholarship

A.G. Leventis Fellowship Fund for Greek Cypriot Students

Bernard Lown Fund in Cardiovascular Health

Lukitsh Family Fellowship

Brian and Heidi MacMahon Epidemiology Educational Fund

Karuna Majumdar Fellowship

Maternal and Child Health Scholarship

Oscar Mayer Fund

Walter F. Mazzone Financial Aid Fund

McLennan Family Fellowship

Jere Mead Fellowship

Medina Family Financial Aid Fund

Nyla Medlock Occupational and Environmental Medicine Fellowship

Joseph M. Miller Financial Aid Fund

Dr. Theodore A. Montgomery Scholarship

Dr. Katharine E. Morley and Dr. Michael G. Morley Endowed Fellowship

John Bruce Nichols and Margaret L. North Nichols Memorial Scholarship

Kate Willrich Nordahl Fellowship

Nutrition Fellowship Fund

Tomoe H.N. Odahara Financial Aid Fund

Paci Family Fellowship in Public Health

Aaka Pande Memorial Fund

Roslyn and Lisle Payne Scholarship

David H. Peipers Fellowship

Margaret D. Penrose Scholarship

Pharmacoepidemiology Scholarship

Muriel K. and David R. Pokross and Joan P. and Ronald C. Curhan Doctoral Student Support Fund in Nutrition

Prajna Chair’s Scholarship in Public Health Nutrition

Prajna Fellowship for Occupational and Environmental Medicine

Howard Raiffa Fund

Vineeta Rastogi Memorial Fund

Rose Service Learning Program Fund

Rose Traveling Fellowship Program Fund

Bernard and Gloria Salick Fellowship in Public Health

Scholarship Fund

Kate and Murray Seiden and Frank Denny Fund for Children

Seventy Fifth Anniversary Endowment Fund for Student Financial Assistance

Siegrist Family DrPH Scholarship

Siegrist Family Scholarship

Leslie Silverman Memorial Financial Aid Fund

Simon and Arpi Simonian Research Excellence in Nutrition Prize

Joel E. and Joan L. Smilow Fellowship

Leonid Sergius Snegireff Fellowship

Mortimer Spiegelman Fellowship in Demographic Studies

Irene M. and Fredrick J. Stare Nutrition Education Fund

Dr. Fang-Ching Sun Memorial Award

Suzman Scholarship

John F. and Virginia B. Taplin Fellowship

Thai Scholars Fellowship

Richard and Rory Topping Financial Aid Fund

Dimitrios Trichopoulos Memorial Fund

Ming and Snow Tsuang Financial Aid Fund

UCB Fellowship

Gohar and Valad Valadian Fellowship

Michael von Clemm Traveling Fellowship

Ronald A. and Marilyn R. Walter Fellowship

James H. Ware Fellowship

Wei Family Biostatistical Fellowship

Thomas H. Weller Fellowship

Dr. Charles F. Wilinsky Award Fund

Edwin Bidwell Wilson Memorial Fund

Mary E. Wilson and Harvey V. Fineberg Education Fund

Mary E. Wilson and Harvey V. Fineberg Fellowship in Infectious Diseases

Herbert S. Winokur Jr. Fellowship in Public Health

Queenie C.K. Wong Fellowship

Marvin Zelen Education and Leadership Fund