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Grandfather holds baby grandaugherUnlocking the immune system for better vaccines — and better health.

We’re at a historic inflection point in our ability to understand the mysteries of the immune system. The human immunome is the next great frontier in biomedicine, and unlocking its secrets has profound implications for public health.

The Harvard Chan School’s partnership with the Human Immunome Project is the perfect foundation for a new era of breakthroughs. From our strengths in data science and artificial intelligence to our track record of leadership in epidemiology and population health, from our fertile research ecosystem to our ability to convene brilliant minds across many fields, we are a singular destination for progress. When paired with the Human Immunome Project’s global network and expertise in human immunity, the School will launch a new wave of scientific and biomedical discovery that rivals the impact of genomic medicine.

This partnership — The Human Immunomics Initiative — unites new biomedical discoveries with the power of public health and cutting-edge artificial intelligence to transform health at scale. Its inaugural project, focused on the effectiveness of vaccines in older adults, promises early wins that will save lives and reduce suffering, while at the same time providing the insights necessary to apply immunomic concepts more broadly.

“The Human Immunomics Initiative rethinks not only how we conquer epidemics, but how we fight disease. It leverages new technologies at public health scale, represents a major priority for our School, and when successful, will provide the tools to reshape how we develop vaccines and therapeutics for our greatest disease challenges.”

—Michelle Williams, Dean of the Faculty

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Conquering Epidemics, Reimagining Aging
The Harvard Chan Frontiers are critical targets identified by Dean Michelle A. Williams for humanity’s needed breakthroughs. With the full force of the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health and our collaborators advancing these challenges, we are dedicated to lifting lives on a world scale. The Human Immunomics Initiative (HII) will amplify two of the five Harvard Chan Frontiers: Conquering Epidemics and Reimagining Aging. Together, we are closing the gaps between discovery, research, translation, and implementation. We have a powerful story to tell—and now is the moment to tell it.