2019 Global Health Week Poster Session

Thursday, March 28, 2019
Joseph B. Martin Center
2nd Floor Lounge
77 Louis Pasteur, Boston, MA
5:00pm – 6:00pm

We’re pleased to announce the Department of Global Health and Population’s inaugural digital poster session! All poster presentations will be in digital format. Posters will be presented  at the reception following the State of Global Health Symposium on Thursday, March 28th

Session A 5:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Ugandan Study Participants Experience Electronic Monitoring of Antiretroviral Therapy Adherence as Welcomed Pressure to Adhere
Jeffrey I. Campbell*, Nir Eyal, Angella Musiimenta, Bridget Burns, Sylvia Natukunda, Nicholas Musinguzi, Jessica E. Haberer

Subnational Estimation of Tuberculosis Incidence in Brazil
Melanie H. Chitwood*­­­, Marcia C. Castro, Mauro Sanchez, Patricia B. Oliveira, Daniele M. Pelissari, Gabriela DM da Silva, Ted Cohen, Philippe Glaziou, Nicolas A. Menzies

Strengthening Financial Incentives to Improve the Quality of Primary Care in Cote d’Ivoire
Denizhan Duran*, Sebastian Bauhoff, Peter Berman, Margaret Kruk 

Traditional birth attendees in Enugu State, Nigeria: Who and Why?
Eziamaka* Ezenkwele,  Bilikisu Elewonibi, Fausta Emegoakor, Ijeoma Itanyi, Michael Nwafor, Theophilius Nwankwo, Chinwe Achike,  Matthew Eze

Trends in availability and use of cancer medicines in six Asian countries working towards universal health coverage
Alessandra Ferrario*, Peter Stephens, Dennis Ross-Degna and Anita Wagner

Understanding the perceptions of teenagers, providers, and administrators toward teenage pregnancy in Peru: A qualitative case study in the Amazonas Region
Amanda M. Gutierrez*, Jessica Niño de Guzman, Felipe Sarmiento, Ana Langer

Decision-making in pediatric oncology during challenging clinical situations: the case of Hospital Infantil Teletón De Oncología in Queretaro, Mexico
Akhil Mehta*, Frances Tao, Lourdes Vega-Vega, Irini Albanti, Jonathan Marron

Mechanical properties of ESM-UBT: An ultra-low cost uterine balloon tamponade device
Kamyar Mollazadeh-Moghaddam*, Michelle Dundek, Anuj Bellare, Anderson Borovac-Pinheiro, Thomas Burke

Uncovering Inequitable Access to Vaccination Programs by Nomadic Bedey Children of Bangladesh
Lisa Parvin*, Richard Cash, Edward Ryan, Subhash Chandir, and Byron Good

Proposing the Governance Framework for a Federated and Interoperable Personal Health Record in India
Nivedita Saksena*, Nishant Kishore, Shubhangi Bhadada, Tony Raj, Rahul Matthan, Satchit Balsari 

Session B 5:00 – 5:30 p.m.

Identifying patients with symptomatic cancer in primary care in Africa: A predictive modeling analysis
Hari S. Iyer*, Kesaobaka Molebatsi, Neo Tapela, Scott L. Dryden-Peterson

Technological Considerations for India’s Digital Health Architecture
Nishant Kishore*, Abhishek Bhatia, Abhijeet Waghmare, Angshuman Sarkar, Tony Raj, Satchit Balsari

Implementation of an international standardized set of outcome indicators in pregnancy and childbirth in Kenya: Utilizing mobile technology to collect patient-reported outcomes
Lina Roa, Rachel Yorlets*, Ishtar Al-Shammari, Christina Akerman, Annelies Dekker, Thomas Kelley, Ramona Koech, Judy Mutuku, Nyarango Robert, Doriane Nzorubara, Nicole Spieker, John Meara, David Ljungman

Spatio-temporal dynamics and socio-economic correlates of homicides in Fortaleza, Brazil
Sudipta Saha*, Antonio Silva Lima Neto, Marcia Castro

Predictions of Disease Spikes induced by Climate Variability: A pilot real time forecasting model project from Maharashtra, India
Sujata Saunik*, Omkar Khare, Yusuf Kabir

Differences in Healthcare Provider Diabetes Knowledge: Evidence from the Indonesian Family Life Survey
Dorit Stein*, Nikkil Sudharsanan, Jennifer Manne-Goehler, Pascal Geldsetzer

HERA: Using mHealth to increase child vaccination and maternal prenatal care takeup among Syrian refugees in Turkey
Aral Sürmeli, Matt Hughsam*, Claudia Castillo, Helen Tesfaye

Pilot Evaluation of an mHealth intervention to improve postpartum maternal and child health outcomes among informal migrants in Mae Sot, Thailand
Thein Min Swe*, Shiyi Zan, Sloane Phillips, Gaew Lertsuridej, Nyunt Naing Thein, Felipe Sarmiento, Mick Sukcharoen, Katharine Morley, Shreya Patel, Phuong Pham

The Impact of a Homestead Gardening Program on Dietary Behavioral Change – A Mixed-Methods Evaluation of the FXB Village Model in Kigali, Rwanda
Yucheng Tsai*, Lindsay M. Jaacks, Aisha K. Yousafzai

Barriers to accessing services and resources amongst Intimate Partner Violence victims: A qualitative study in Fortaleza, Brazil
Noor Zanial*, Clariana Vitória Ramos de Oliveira, Marcia Machado, Marcia C. Castro

*Presenting authors