2018 Student Poster Session

Assessment of Surgical Data Collection Systems in Five Primary Hospitals in Amhara, Ethiopia
Abate*, K.R. Iverson, K. Garringer, L. Drown, J. Incorvia, O. Ahearn, M. Shrime, J. Meara, A. Beyene, Z. Bitew, B. Gashaw, A. Bekele

Measuring the Spread of a Homestead Agriculture and Nutrition Intervention in Rufiji, Tanzania
Mia Blakstad*, Chelsey Canavan, Alexandra Bellows, Dominic Mosha, Honorati Masanja, Margaret Kruk, and Wafaie Fawzi

Systematic review and simulation study of estimators used in multi-site healthcare costing studies in low- and middle-income countries
Emma Clarke*, Anna Vassall, Nicolas Menzies

Tackling Eye Disease and Degeneration in Mexico: Feasibility & Impact of a Public-Private Partnership
De Silva, S.*, Greatsinger, A., Lertsuridej, G., Hinojosa-Garza, G., Reich, M.

A Mixed Methods Analysis on Delivery Preferences and Maternal Health Quality in Ethiopia
Alexandra Earle*, Grace Chan, Daniel Bogale

Renal Transplantation: the Guyana Experience
Ameer Farooq*, Serdar Yilmaz, Kishore Persaud

The Impact of Retirement on Health Behaviors: Evidence from China
Yunsheng Jia*, Mengcen Qian

Barriers in seeking Mental Health Services by Transgender persons in India
N. Kondapuram*, S. Nithyananda, D. Muralidhar

Individual and community level determinants of measles vaccination in Niamey, Niger: a multilevel analysis
Mika Kuneida*

Factors that motivate otherwise healthy young adults living with HIV to access testing and treatment South Africa
Frederick Lambert*, Catherine Orrell, David R. Bangsberg, Jessica E. Haberer

Distribution and determinants of pneumonia diagnosis using Integrated Management of Childhood Illness guidelines: a nationally representative study in Malawi
Omolara T. Uwemedimo, Todd P. Lewis*, Elsie A. Essien, Grace J. Chan, Humphreys Nsona, Margaret E. Kruk, Hannah H. Leslie

Determinants of Healthcare Utilization by Migrant Workers in the State of Qatar
Lingrui Liu*, Rifat Atun

Exploring the association between sick child care utilization and health facility quality in Malawi
Lingrui Liu*, Hannah H. Leslie, Humphreys Nsona, Margaret E. Kruk

The Global Incidence of Epilepsy: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Kerry A. Vaughan, Christian Lopez Ramos*, Vivek P. Buch, Julia R. Amundson, Abbas Rattani, Michael Dewan, Kee Park

Does knowledge of HIV status affect sexual behaviors? A longitudinal analysis of female sex workers in Uganda and Zambia
Katrina Ortblad*, Daniel Kibuuka Musoke, Michael Chanda, Thomson Ngabirano, Joshua A. Salomon, Jessica Haberer, Margaret McConnell, Catherine Oldenburg, Till Barnighausen

Strategies for Financial Sustainability of Seguro Popular
Huiling Pan*, Jose Luis Gonzalez, Jazmine Garcia Delgadillo, Cinthya Ayerim Lucio García

The Use of Measurement for Quality Improvement in First Level Units in Mexico
Magali Flores, Sumithra Krishnamurthy Reddiar, Avery Plough*, Alexia S. Rivera

A Nested Screening Procedure for Depression in Crises
Danielle N. Poole*, Shirley Liao, Nathaniel A. Raymond, Ossama Zaqquot, Till Bärnighausen

Case discussion as a strategic planning tool: Exploring medical tourism scenario at Hospital Infantil Teletón de Oncología (HITO)
Sabrina Popatia*, Keri Wachter, Lourdes Vega-Vega, Irini Albanti

Variability in WASH Conditions in a Postpartum Ward at a Rural District Hospital in Rwanda
Katharine Robb*, Leila Dusabe, Marthe Kubwimana , Theoneste Nkurunziza, Fredrick Kateera, Robert Riviello, Bethany Hedt –Gauthier

Comparative outcomes of PCTA in Diabetic versus Non Diabetic patients: Observational Study
Duggal, A. Avhad, A. Dalvi, S. Saunik*, M. Rajivlochan, A. Aggarwal, U. Ram, P. Vyas, M. Warbhuwan

Effectiveness of Community Management of Acute Malnutrition (CMAM) in Maharashtra, India
Saunik*, M. Phadke, R. Nair, J. Khosla, T. Patel, A. Ganesh6, R. Bhoye

Race-based trends in ICU opioid prescription: A decade in review using MIMIC-III v1.4
Seranne Motilal , Shravanthi M. Seshasayee*

Patient (Mis-)Perceptions of Healthcare Quality and the Choice of Providers
Zeina Ali Siam*, Margaret McConnell, Jessica Lee Cohen

Diagnoses from an Emergency Care Center in Rural Kenya
Sebastian Suarez*, Hiren Patel, Joseph Owuor, Lance Shaull, Jeffrey Edwards, Zaid Altawil, Debora Rogo, Thomas F. Burke

*Submitting Author