Frontiers in Global Health

This series brings together dedicated experts to discuss new knowledge, powerful ideas, and practical solutions that will improve the health and transform the lives of people everywhere.

Upcoming Events

Innovating in health in Bangladesh: A look at ICDDR, B’s contributions in MNCH
Shams El Arifeen,MBBS, DrPH
Director and Senior Scientist
Centre for Child and Adolescent Health
International Centre for Diarrhoeal Disease Research, Dhaka, Bangladesh (icddr, b)

Past Events

The true costs of maternal mortality on children and families: a discussion
of findings from Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Africa, and Malawi

Moderator:  Alicia Yamin, JD, MPH
Panelists:  Lucia Knight, PhD; Mitike Molla, PhD; Junior Bazile, MD; and Jocelyn Finlay, PhD


Protecting Communities from Disasters
A Proactive Public Health Approach to Disaster Risk Reduction:  the case of Iran and the MENA region

Dr. Hani Mowafi
Dr. Mark Keim
Dr. Ali Ardalan
Dr. Qudsia Huda



Social resilience, responses to stigma and health: The case of middle class and working class African-Americans

Professor Michèle Lamont, Robert I. Goldman Professor of European Studies; Professor of Sociology and African and African American Studies, Harvard University


France DonnayTaking Risks : Maternal Health and the Gates Foundation

Dr. France Donnay
Senior Program Officer
Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation



Mickey Chopra UNICEFImproving health coverage in child survival, health, and nutrition

Dr. Mickey Chopra
Chief of Health, UNICEF



T. SundararamanDeveloping India’s new Community Health Worker — the ASHA: Lessons Learned

Dr. T. Sundararaman
Executive Director, National Health Systems Resource Center, New Delhi



Muhammad YunusSustainable primary healthcare models focusing on maternal and infant health, information architecture for healthcare and high quality, low-cost hospital systems for developing countries

Prof. Muhammad Yunus
2006 Nobel Peach Prize Laureate and Founder, Grameen Bank, Bangladesh


D. HausmanNICE and the EQ-5D: Is Cost-Effectiveness Analysis Ready for Prime Time?

Dr. Daniel Hausman
Herbert A. Simon Professor of Philosophy
University of Wisconsin-Madison



Eric BuchAddressing Health Workforce Issues in Africa: Challenges and Progress

Dr. Eric Buch, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences
University of Pretoria, South Africa



Donald SawyerRIO+20 AND CAIRO+20: WHAT NOW?

Prof. Donald Sawyer
Center for Sustainable Development, University of Brasiília and Visiting Scholar (2011-2012), David Rockefeller Center for Latin American Studies



J VillarUnderstanding fetal growth across populations towards a phenotypic classification of preterm birth and intrauterine growth retardation

Dr. José Villar
Professor of Perinatal Medicine, University of Oxford