Thursday Brown Bag Series

This series features current research of members and affiliates of GHP.  The intent is to both educate and raise the awareness of our community and beyond, about the research activities presently being conducted by faculty, students, researchers and special guests of the department.

Thursdays, 12:30-1:30pm, Bldg-1, Rm 1208 (unless otherwise noted)

Upcoming Seminars 2014-2015:

March 12th
Michael Hadley
 – “Making the most of the GHP student thesis: Patterns of Poverty & Disease on Idjwi Island, DR Congo.”

March 26th
Alicia Yamin  “Millennium Development Goal Targets for Human Development and Human Rights: A Critical Review.”

April 9th
James Harvey Maguire – “Response to a new threat: lessons learned from the case of SARS”

April 16th 4-5pm
Centennial Women Leaders Series, featuring Joy Lawn “TBD” Kresge 502

April 23rd
Cesar Victora “A global observatory for inequalities in child health”

April 30th
Parveen Parmar “TBD”

May 7th

May 14th
Theresa Betancourt, Gunther Fink, and Marc Mitchell “TBD”


Previous Seminars:

“Bats, Viruses, and People: Efforts to Control Outbreaks of Ebola and Nipah”
Richard Cash, Senior Lecturer on Global Health, HSPH

“Transforming health systems in Turkey”
Rifat Atun, Professor of Global Health Systems, HSPH

“Designing for Behavior Change”
Margaret McConnell, Assistant Professor of Global Health Economics, HSPH

“QALYphilia: A Cure?”
Jaime Caro, Adjunct Professor, McGill University

“The Economic Cost of Low Caloric Intake: Evidence from India”
Heather Schofield

“Evaluating Strategies for Reforming the Global Political Economy of National Health Systems”
Steven Hoffman, Visiting Assistant Professor

“Innovating to End Maternal Mortality”
Thomas Burke, Chief, Division of Global Health and Human Rights, MGH

“Alcohol Consumption and Violence Against Women: Evidence from India”
Dara Lee Luca, Research Associate

“Violence in the Caribbean Basin: The Importance of Geopolitics”
Sergio Aguayo, Robert F. Kennedy Visiting Professor

“Can Antiretroviral Therapy at Scale
Improve the Health of the Targeted in Sub-Saharan Africa?”
Nicholas Wilson, Assistant Professor of Economics

“HIV Drug Patents on the Rise: An Analysis of Antiretroviral Patent Status in 75 Low- and Middle-Income Countries” (video not available)
Suerie Moon, Lecturer on Global Health

“Mega-trends in environmental change and their human health impact”
Christopher Golden, Harvard University Center for the Environment

“The Long Run Impact of Early Childhood Deworming on Cognitive Development”
Kevin Croke, Postdoctoral Research Fellow