Humanitarian Studies, Ethics, and Human Rights

The Humanitarian Studies, Human Rights, and Ethics (HuSEHR) cluster brings together the three closely related fields of (i) humanitarian studies, which addresses international humanitarian law, crisis early warning and leadership in humanitarian assistance and service delivery to populations in time of armed conflict, forced migration and disaster; (ii) ethics, which covers clinical settings and medical and scientific research, as well as justice issues in resource allocation, health promotion, health systems, and disaster intervention; and (iii) human rights, that is, the norms and processes of ensuring respect for the full range of fundamental entitlements of people, in particular, health-related human rights, child protection, protection of forcibly displaced populations, and sexual and reproductive rights. In addition to the distinctive focus of each field, all three share a commitment to advancing social justice, preventing and responding to violence, and understanding rights and responsibilities in the practice of public health.

Humanitarian Studies, Ethics, and Human Rights GHP Faculty

Jacqueline Bhabha, Director

Hilarie Cranmer

Nir Eyal

Gregg Greenough

Stephanie Kayden

Ole Norheim

Stephen Marks

Phuong Pham

Michael Vanrooyen

Patrick Vinck

Daniel Wikler

Alicia Yamin