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Hotamisligil Laboratory

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Welcome to the Hotamisligil Laboratory


Focus Logo (focuslogo.jpg)  “New Insight Into Obesity and Metabolic Disorders” (May 2011, Harvard Focus)

ScienceWatch (featured-in-sciencewatch.jpg) “Inflammation and Metabolic Disorders” (Nature 444[7121]: 860-7, 14 December 2006), was selected as the most-cited paper in the research area of Clinical Medicine. (October 10, ScienceWatch®)

Decoding Diabetes: New discoveries about a growing disease threat (September 2008, Harvard Magazine)

New hope for treating obesity-related diabetes (August 2006, New Scientist)


Gökhan S. Hotamisligil discusses endoplasmic reticulum stress and its role in obesity. Listen to Nature podcast

New class of hormone from “healthy fat cells” benefits body metabolism in mice (Sept 08)  Listen to Cell podcast

Tackling diabetes and heart disease with a single drug (June 07) Listen to Nature podcast