Research Interests

Global Health

My global health research focuses on estimating the effect of risk factors and preventive interventions on non-communicable disease incidence and mortality at the population level. This research uses empirical evidence on risk factor distributions from population health surveys and evidence on effect sizes from epidemiological studies. These methods have been and continue to be used in global analyses of the impact of risk factors on global burden of cardiovascular diseases. For the most recent publications and data from this line of research, you can visit NCDrisC. Developing methods that can improve the consistency and comparability of data sources and analytical methods across multiple risk factors is a major focus of my research in this area. I have also extended these methods to develop a novel risk prediction models for cardiovascular disease that can be easily recalibrated and applied to diverse populations (Globorisk). Another part of this research attempts to evaluate the role of risk factors on health disparities within or across countries and to estimate the potential impact of population-level preventive interventions on health disparities.


My epidemiological research applies advanced methods of causal inference to questions of comparative effectiveness research from observational data in the context of cardiovascular diseases and other non-communicable diseases. I have particularly focused on using Marginal Structural Models and the parametric G-formula to estimate causal effects of hypothetical lifestyle or medical interventions using longitudinal observational data or electronic medical records while adjusting for time-varying confounding and/or selection bias.

I am also interested in applying methods of mediation analysis to questions of mediation and pathways in cardiovascular disease epidemiology using data from prospective cohort studies. Much of this research is conducted in collaboration with the faculty from the Program in Cardiovascular Epidemiology.

As of Jan 2016, I chair and direct the Bernard Lown Scholars in Cardiovascular Health Program.