Ongoing Research Projects

Ongoing Research Projects

Early Childhood Development and Later Life Outcomes

  • Community-based Interventions to Improve Child Development (Zambia)
  • Saving Brains: Estimating the Global Economic Impact of Child Development (Global)
  • The Zambia Early Childhood Development Project (ZECDP)
  • Tools to Improve Parental Awareness of Child Growth (Zambia)
  • The Sao Paolo Western Region Project (Brazil)

Child Health Interventions in Sub-Saharan Africa

  • Credit Constraints and Ganyu Labour (Zambia)
  • FHE3 Project (Ethiopia)
  • M4 Reminders to Improve Child Health (Ghana)
  • Text Reminders to Improve Adherence (Ghana)
  • The Transkunene Malaria Initiative (Angola/Namibia)

Health and Decision Behavior: Experimental Evidence

  • Physiological Determinants of Decision Making among the Elderly
  • Pushing for Adoption: Health Technology Adoption with Noisy Learning