Guocheng Yuan

Associate Professor in the Department of Biostatistics

Department of Biostatistics

Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
360 Longwood Ave, Room 1060
Boston, Massachusetts 02215
Phone: 617.582.8532


We develop computational biology methodologies for genomic data analysis and integration, with the aim to understand systems-level gene regulatory mechanisms. Since virtually all the cells in a living organism share the same genome, epigenetic information provides an essential role in regulating cell-type specific gene regulation. Our long-term goal is to systematically investigate the structure and dynamics the gene regulatory network and its role in maintenance of cell-type specificity. To this end, we have developed integrated approaches to identify the chromatin state organization, to dissect cellular heterogeneity through single-cell analysis, and to reconstruct gene regulatory network by integrating multiple data-types. We have applied these approaches to stem cells and cancer biology. We collaborate closely with a number of basic scientists and clinical physicians at Harvard and affiliated hospitals.


Ph.D., 1999, Mathematics, University of Maryland at College Park