Strengthening Health Programs through Better Resource Tracking and Management

Research and policy development led by Prof. Peter Berman focuses on how to improve health program performance through better health financing policies and practices in low and middle-income countries. The team developed and applied a “Resource Tracking and Management” (RTM) framework. The RTM framework provides an end-to-end health financing analysis by tracking resources, identifying bottlenecks, and applying policy solutions along 5 key steps of the flow of funds for health programs linked to key objectives. “Resources” include financing as well as physical inputs, such drugs and supplies and human resources.

Resource Tracking and Management Framework


The expandable tables below provide an orientation to each component of the RTM framework, as well as details about the ongoing work related to that area of the framework.

The Resource Tracking and Management in India and Ethiopia project (RTM) was awarded to HSPH (PI Peter Berman) by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2013, and will complete implementation mid-2017. RTM is working in Ethiopia and India to enhance efficiency, effectiveness and equity in primary care delivery by regularly applying financial resource tracking and management (RTM) methods. Additional health financing and health economics analytic work and capacity development for Ethiopian government staff is being supported by the Fenot: Achieving Excellence in Primary Care project, also generously funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (PI Peter Berman), with implementation continuing through 2019.