Symposium on Family Wellbeing in a Changing Society, Hong Kong

Dr. Laura Kubzansky with Esther Ma (Prestique, Hong Kong), Ying Chen (Human Flourishing Program at Harvard), and Ruijia Chen (Harvard Chan)

In May 2019, Professors Laura Kubzansky and Vish Viswanath presented at the Hong Kong Family Welfare Society’s 70th Anniversary Symposium, “Family Well-being in a Changing Society.” The symposium, which facilitated dialogue for cross-sector collaborations, aimed to raise awareness of the importance of family well-being in Hong Kong and advocate for developments of a Hong Kong Family Well-being index. Professor Viswanath presented on the sharing of family life information through information and communication technologies and family well-being, as well as how family well-being is influenced by new information and communication technologies. Professor Kubzansky gave the symposium’s keynote speech, focusing on how family functioning might affect health and well-being of both adults and children. She specifically discussed how factors such as parental warmth or effective problem solving affect family functioning.