Center Seminar Series – George Bonanno

Dr. George Bonanno giving talk to room of students

Resilience to Loss and Trauma: What is it and why are we (usually, but not always) good at it?

Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 1:00-1:50pm

George Bonanno, PhD, is a Professor of Clinical Psychology at Columbia University Teachers College. Dr. Bonanno’s recent empirical and theoretical work has focused on defining and documenting adult resilience in the face of loss or potential traumatic events, and on identifying the range of psychological and contextual variables that predict both psychopathological and resilient outcomes.

In his talk, Dr. Bonanno described his research demonstrating that responses to potentially traumatic events (PTEs) vary greatly and can be effectively captured by a small set of prototypical trajectories, including chronic PTSD, recovery, and stable psychological health or resilience. His talk also reviewed predictors of the resilience trajectory and, in particular, the concept of regulatory flexibility.

You can view a recording of the seminar here.