Research Overview

Is the person who seems happier really less likely than someone who is unhappier to develop an illness? Despite the growing body of research suggesting that positive emotions can promote good physical health and that negative emotions lead to illness, there is still no clear scientific consensus regarding the relationship between happiness and health.

A rigorous science of positive well-being has the potential to bring greater clarity to the connections between emotional well-being and physical health, and pave the way to developing new interventions aimed at improving the lives and health of countless individuals around the globe. Such exploration requires focused resources and a multi-disciplinary approach to investigate factors that influence positive emotions, examine interventions and communications strategies that promote well-being, and promote the translation of research results into effective public health policies and practices.

Our positive health research examines the interplay between mental and physical health and provides an evidence base for policy and organizations, while our work in translation and communication advances the science, practice, and policy of translation and communication as they relate to health and well-being globally.