General Well-Being Schedule

Citation: Dupuy, H.J. (1977). The General Well-being Schedule. In I. McDowell & C. Newell (Eds.), Measuring health: a guide to rating scales and questionnaire (2nd ed) (pp. 206-213). USA: Oxford University Press.


Main positive psychological well-being construct measured: Psychological well-being

Sub-constructs measured: N/A

Available subscales: N/A

Description:  The General Well-Being (GWB) Schedule focuses on one’s subjective feelings of psychological well-being and distress, one’s inner personal state.

Number of items: 23

Example of statement/item: “How happy, satisfied or pleased have you been with your personal life during the past month?”

Response options:  14 items are rated on a 6-point Likert scale, with 1 “All the time” to 6 “None of the time”. The remaining 4 items are rated on a 10-point Likert scale with response options that are relevant to each of these 4 items.

Total score: Items are summed, yielding a range from 0 to 110, with higher scores indicating greater levels of well-being.

Examples of studies:
1. Yanek, L. R., Kral, B. G., Moy, T. F., Vaidya, D., Lazo, M., Becker, L. C., et al. (2013). Effect of positive well-being on incidence of symptomatic coronary artery disease. Am J Cardiol, 112(8), 1120-1125.

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