Life Satisfaction Scale

1. Koivumaa-Honkanen, H.-T. (1998). Life Satisfaction as a Health Predictor. Kuopio University Publications D. Medical Sciences 143: Kuopio.
2. Koivumaa-Honkanen, H., Kaprio, J., Honkanen, R., Viinamäki, H., & Koskenvuo, M. (2004). Life satisfaction and depression in a 15-year follow-up of healthy adults. Social psychiatry and psychiatric epidemiology, 39(12), 994-999.

1. N/A
2. PMID: 11092440

Main positive psychological well-being construct measured: Life satisfaction

Sub-constructs measured: N/A

Available subscales: N/A

Description: The Life Satisfaction Scale is designed to measure personal life satisfaction.

Number of items: 4

Example of statement/item: “Do you feel that your life at present is …?”

Response options: 5-point Likert scale ranging from 1 to 5 with response options relevant to each item (e.g., with the example above: 1, “very interesting” to 5, “Very boring”)

Total score: Items are summed, yielding a range from 4 to 20 with higher scores indicating lower levels of life satisfaction.

Examples of studies:
1. Koivumaa-Honkanen, H., Honkanen, R., Viinamaki, H., Heikkila, K., Kaprio, J., & Koskenvuo, M. (2000). Self-reported life satisfaction and 20-year mortality in healthy Finnish adults. Am J Epidemiol, 152(10), 983-991.
2. Rissanen, T., Lehto, S. M., Hintikka, J., Honkalampi, K., Saharinen, T., Viinamaki, H., et al. (2013). Biological and other health related correlates of long-term life dissatisfaction burden. BMC Psychiatry, 13, 202.

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