Pearlin Mastery Scale

Citation: Pearlin, L. I., & Schooler, C. (1978). The structure of coping. Journal of health and social behavior, 2-21.

PMID or DOI: PMID: 893732

Main positive psychological well-being construct measured: Mastery

Sub-constructs measured: N/A

Available subscales: N/A

Description: The Pearlin Mastery (PM) scale measures the extent to which an individual regards their life chances as being under their personal control rather than fatalistically ruled.

Number of items: 7

Example of statement/item: “What happens to me in the future mostly depends on me”

Response options: 4-point Likert scale, 1,“Strongly disagree” and 4,“Strongly agree”.

Total score: Items are summed, yielding a range from 7 to 28. Higher scores indicate greater levels of mastery.

Examples of studies:
1. Low, C.A., et al., Psychosocial predictors of coronary artery calcification progression in postmenopausal women. Psychosom Med, 2011. 73(9): p. 789-94.

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