Steven Gortmaker Headshot

Steven Gortmaker, PhD

Steven Gortmaker’s research is focused on the health of children and adolescents, particularly households living in poverty and minority populations. The major goal of this research has been to identify modifiable risks for morbidity and mortality in the young, and to both initiate and evaluate interventions to improve these outcomes. He has focused on a broad variety of risks, ranging from income poverty, social stress, and social networks to behaviors such as smoking, physical activity, television and other screen time, and diet. His interventions include national and state policy, and programs at the regional, county, school, hospital, clinic, and individual level. Professor Gortmaker directs the School’s Prevention Research Center, funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Its mission is to work with community partners to design, implement, and evaluate programs that improve nutrition and physical activity, while reducing obesity and chronic disease risk among children and youth. Professor Gortmaker also leads the Childhood Obesity Intervention Cost-Effectiveness Study (CHOICES) project, focused on producing recommendations for cost-effective childhood obesity intervention strategies for local, state, and national governments; businesses; communities; and schools.