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Applying the Science of Resilience to the COVID-19 Crisis: Q&A with Dr. Karmel Choi and Dr. Kristen Nishimi

Our 2019-2020 seminar recordings focus on resilience on the individual, city, and policy level. Check back soon for more webinars from the Center as we monitor and respond to COVID-19.

Academic Resources




Scholars interested in the science of resilience are invited to explore the following resources:

  1. repository of resilience measures 
  2. regularly curated digest of latest resilience research in the field

Community Resources



Check this page for a growing body of resources from Harvard partners and other academic institutions working to stay current on the latest information, guidance, and practices related to resilience in individuals and communities. This page features videos and articles created specifically to address the COVID-19 pandemic, and will be updated regularly.


Combating Misinformation: The COVID-19 Dashboard

“There is a lot of information out there — good, bad and ugly. It has become difficult to separate truth from fiction even though facts are out there.” Center Co-Director Dr. Vish Viswanath convened a working group to provide practical and accurate information on COVID-19, producing a COVID-19 Dashboard accessible through SANCHAR (Science and News: Communicating Health and Research). The COVID-19 Dashboard — which targets journalists, non-governmental organizations, and other community members — aims to bring together credible COVID-19 related information that is easy to access, understand and act upon. Resources include a list of common Myths vs Facts, as well as a guide to responsible social media use in the age of COVID-19. In addition, Dr. Viswanath spoke about misinformation at The Atlantic’s health care summit, and in interview with Dr. Audiey Kao (Part 1 and Part 2).


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