Work-Study Internship

The Center invites students to participate in a work-study internship during the academic year. Interns are hired as Research Assistants and support ongoing projects examining the linkages between physical health and psychological well-being.

2021–2022 Intern Cohort

Justin Farmer

Justin Farmer is a student in the SM-80 Epidemiology program at Harvard Chan. Since the start of the summer, Justin has been working with Center Postdoctoral Research Fellow Dr. Farah Qureshi on a project exploring how psychological assets in childhood may explain cardiovascular health disparities by socioeconomic status. This project uses the Panel Study on Income Dynamics to incorporate SES and health data from childhood through early adulthood for approximately 3500 participants, as well as mediation analysis to explore the relationships between childhood SES, childhood psychological assets and cardiovascular health in early adulthood. Through his internship, Justin has learned to transform and merge complex publicly available data sets into a single cleaned version that is ready for analysis. He has also learned several theories on measuring and operationalizing SES in the context of an epidemiological study. This experience has allowed Justin to use many skills he gained from courses for the first time in a real-world setting and has provided an opportunity to prepare for doctoral training and beyond.


Sonia Kim

Sonia Kim is a student in the SM-80 Epidemiology program at Harvard Chan. As an intern at the Center, she works with Center Research Scientist Dr. Mesfin Bekalu. Her project focuses on the role of social media use in health and well-being. Broadly, it includes i) studying the link between virtual social networks and well-being; ii) examining measurement and methodological issues in existing social media and well-being studies; and iii) identifying the various individual and social factors that mediate and moderate the link between virtual social networks and well-being. Sonia contributes to the project by supporting systematic literature reviews, longitudinal surveys, and panel studies.


Chinedum Orji